Jared P Lambert

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1. Several unrelated drugs have pro-arrhythmic activity associated with an ability to prolong the QT interval of the ECG. The aim of this work was to examine the effects of the antimalarial drug halofantrine in vivo and in vitro. 2. In anaesthetized guinea-pigs consecutive bolus doses of halofantrine (0.3, 1, 3, 10 and 30 mg kg(-1), i.v.) at 25 min(More)
The symptoms of 72 patients with irritable bowel syndrome were assessed by questionnaire before and 6 months after a high-fibre diet had been prescribed, to find whether those who achieved the highest fibre intake did any better than those with smaller intakes. Dietary fibre intakes were measured after 6 months by a 7-day weighed food inventory. There was a(More)
1. The antimalarial drug halofantrine can prolong the QT interval and this may be enhanced by prior use of mefloquine. This possible interaction has been investigated by examining the effects of halofantrine and mefloquine alone and in combination. 2. In anaesthetized rabbits (n=6 per group), halofantrine given as bolus doses of 1, 3, 10, and 30 mg kg(-1)(More)
Polyoma, Newcastle disease virus, and adenovirus, as well as two coliphages, lambda and T4, were inactivated by strong base quaternary ammonium anion-exchange resin-triiodide. Organic matter interfered with viral inactivation capability of the resin-triiodide. The viruses, as they were being inactivated by the resin disinfectant beads, were not retained or(More)
This article presents a new approach for presenting scintigraphic images. The technique combines the conventional plotting of contour lines and the highlighting, by means of hatching, of the concavities (or convexities) of the ‘surface’ representative of radioactive distribution. The search for the surface features is achieved generally by the method for(More)
The study presents a set of programs designed to determine optimum dose distribution either by calculation of beam intensities and field width (in linear programming) or, in addition, by calculation of beam geometry (non-linear optimization). Various optimization criteria can be selected: homogeneity, concentration on target, entire dose in a sensitive(More)
The rs2004640 single nucleotide polymorphism and the CGGGG copy-number variant (rs77571059) are promoter polymorphisms within interferon regulatory factor 5 (IRF5). They have been implicated as susceptibility factors for several autoimmune diseases. IRF5 uses alternative promoter splicing, where any of 4 first exons begin the mRNA. The CGGGG indel is in(More)
The study presents software for a microcomputer designed to determine the optimum dose distribution in external radiotherapy, either by calculating the doses delivered and the field width (in linear programming) or, in addition, by calculating the beam geometry (non-linear optimisation). Various optimisation criteria can be selected, namely the homogeneity,(More)
BACKGROUND We demonstrated recently that mite-allergic patients differed from healthy controls in the specificity of their IgG antibodies towards mite antigens. OBJECTIVE The present study investigates whether these discriminatory IgG responses could be associated with the expression and the evolution of clinical manifestations in allergy to cow's milk(More)