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Traditional cost-benefit analysis (CBA) quantifies the value of information security safeguards in terms of their expenses compared to their savings before and after their implementation. This paper considers CBA from the attacker's viewpoint, adding another type of measurement, the willingness to endure consequences. We propose a new set of equations and(More)
Collaborative wormhole attacks create links within MANETs, and tunnel data to undesired destinations through the links. By doing so, wormholes compromise network performance, security, and may even bring down an entire network. We evaluate the impacts of collaborative wormhole attacks in MANETs, through simulations using AODV protocol in NS2. At first, we(More)
It has been long recognized that no silver bullet exists to achieve both security and memorability. With the addition of requirements, the task of designing authentication schemes for mobile devices becomes more challenging. We propose a Multi-dimensionAl Password Scheme (MAPS) for mobile authentication. MAPS fuses information from multiple dimensions to(More)
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