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Ten cultivars and breeding lines from two species of alfalfa (Medicago media and M. sativa) were screened for their ability to produce embryos and plantlets from the root and hypocotyl under three different tissue culture protocols. The three protocols differed in basal salt composition, vitamins, hormones and cytokinin additions. That protocol having a(More)
The relationship of freezing resistance to water permeability of cortex cells was studied in stems of red osier dogwood (Cornus stolonifera Michx.). Permeability was estimated by determining the diffusion flux of tritiated water from cortex slices previously equilibrated in tritiated water. Energy of activation and diffusion time comparisons of tritiated(More)
Popular stereotypes concerning the speech of homosexuals typically attribute speech patterns characteristic of the opposite-sex, i.e., broadly feminized speech in gay men and broadly masculinized speech in lesbian women. A small body of recent empirical research has begun to address the subject more systematically and to consider specific mechanistic(More)
Red and far red light distinctly influence the initial phytochrome-mediated phase of cold acclimation in red-osier dogwood (Cornus stolonifera). Under controlled conditions, short days and end-of-day far red light exposure after long days promote growth cessation, cold acclimation, and subsequent cold hardening of dogwood stems in response to low(More)
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