Jared L DeLuca

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Ferrocenylhexyl- and ferrocenylpropyl-modified linear poly(ethylenimine) (Fc-C6-LPEI, Fc-C3-LPEI) were used with periodate-modified glucose oxidase (p-GOX) in the layer-by-layer assembly of enzymatic bioanodes on gold. Fc-C6-LPEI/p-GOX and Fc-C3-LPEI/p-GOX films of 16 bilayers were capable of generating up to 381 ± 3 and 1417 ± 63 μA cm(-2), respectively,(More)
Herein, both electrostatic and covalent layer-by-layer assembly were used for the construction of multicomposite thin films using a ferrocene-modified linear poly(ethylenimine) redox polymer (Fc-C6-LPEI) as the cationic polyelectrolye, and poly(acrylic acid) (PAA), poly(glutamic acid) (PGA), or glucose oxidase (GOX) as the negative polyelectrolyte. The(More)
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