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Muscle Cells Provide Instructions for Planarian Regeneration
Regeneration requires both potential and instructions for tissue replacement. In planarians, pluripotent stem cells have the potential to produce all new tissue. The identities of the cells thatExpand
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teashirt is required for head-versus-tail regeneration polarity in planarians
Regeneration requires that the identities of new cells are properly specified to replace missing tissues. The Wnt signaling pathway serves a central role in specifying posterior cell fates duringExpand
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A small set of conserved genes, including sp5 and Hox, are activated by Wnt signaling in the posterior of planarians and acoels
Wnt signaling regulates primary body axis formation across the Metazoa, with high Wnt signaling specifying posterior identity. Whether a common Wnt-driven transcriptional program accomplishes thisExpand
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