Jared Ginn

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Over the last few years, more than 40 partitioning interwell tracer tests (PITTs) have been conducted at many different sites to measure nonaqueous phase liquid (NAPL) saturations in the subsurface. While the main goal of these PITTs was to estimate the NAPL volume in the subsurface, some were specifically conducted to assess the performance of remedial(More)
Infrared metamaterial design is a rapidly developing field and there are increasing demands for effective optimization and tuning techniques. One approach to tuning is to alter the material properties of the metals making up the resonant metamaterial to purposefully introduce resonance frequency and bandwidth damping. Damping in the infrared portion of the(More)
Background: Due to recent rapid economic development, China has seen changes in what foods households are purchasing as well as the general health of the population. In the United States and other high‐income countries, in‐home scanner programs allow consumer packaged goods companies to measure household level grocery store food purchases and analyze trends(More)
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