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BACKGROUND A body of literature has suggested an elevated risk of lung cancer associated with particulate matter and traffic-related pollutants. OBJECTIVE We examined the relation of lung cancer incidence with long-term residential exposures to ambient particulate matter and residential distance to roadway, as a proxy for traffic-related exposures. (More)
The authors propose that individual differences among children in the controls of food intake can be viewed in terms of differences in balance of power in feeding. They also argue that the individual differences in styles of intake control that emerge by adolescence and adulthood, including chronic dieting, eating disorders, and out-of-control eating, begin(More)
Schizophrenia is a pervasive neuropsychiatric disorder of uncertain etiology. Multiple studies have documented immune activation in individuals with schizophrenia. One antigen capable of inducing a prolonged immune response is bovine casein derived from ingested milk products. Increased levels of casein antibodies have been found in individuals with(More)
INTRODUCTION Multiple studies have documented immune activation in many individuals with schizophrenia suggesting that antigens capable of generating a prolonged immune response may be important environmental factors in many cases of this disorder. While existing studies have found single-agent associations of antibodies to food and neurotropic infectious(More)
OBJECTIVE From 40% to 65% of patients with bipolar disorder are estimated to have diagnoses of one or more comorbid conditions. The purpose of this study was to identify comorbid disorders and compare their prevalence in hospitalizations of persons with or without bipolar disorder. METHODS Data from the 1979-2006 National Hospital Discharge Survey (NHDS)(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined the combined effectiveness of clozapine and a comprehensive inpatient psychosocial rehabilitation program on the clinical functioning and aggressive behaviors of patients with chronic schizophrenia. METHODS Two groups of 11 subjects each were selected from among patients being treated in the social learning program at Fulton(More)
BACKGROUND Suicide claims over one million lives worldwide each year. In the United States, 1 per 10,000 persons dies from suicide every year, and these rates have remained relatively constant over the last 20 years. There are nearly 25 suicide attempts for each suicide, and previous self-directed violence is a strong predictor of death from suicide. While(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies have investigated the association between asthma exacerbations and exposures to ambient temperature and precipitation. However, limited data exists regarding how extreme events, projected to grow in frequency, intensity, and duration in the future in response to our changing climate, will impact the risk of hospitalization for(More)
BACKGROUND There are limited data describing the epidemiology of adult-onset schizophrenic disorders in the United States. Although the military is not proportionately comparable in all demographic characteristics to the civilian population, it is drawn from all racial/ethnic subgroups, and members range in age from 17 to >60 years. We describe the(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) systems are deployed to monitor specific phenomena. The design of WSNs is prone to errors and debugging and is very challenging due to the complex interactions of software components in a sensor node. This paper presents a set of UML patterns that can be used as a basis for software design of WSN systems. The UML patterns are(More)
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