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Periodate salts as pyrotechnic oxidizers: development of barium- and perchlorate-free incendiary formulations.
In a flash: pyrotechnic incendiary formulations with good stabilities toward various ignition stimuli have been developed without the need for barium or perchlorate oxidizers. KIO(4) and NaIO(4) were
Periodates as Potential Replacements for Perchlorates in Pyrotechnic Compositions
The periodate salts NaIO4 and KIO4 are critically evaluated as potential replacements for KClO4 in pyrotechnic compositions. Key differences between the physical and chemical properties of the
High-nitrogen-based pyrotechnics: perchlorate-free red- and green-light illuminants based on 5-aminotetrazole.
Prototype testing of perchlorate-free hand-held signal illuminants for the US Army's M126 A1 red-star and M195 green-star parachute illuminant variants demonstrate excellent stabilities toward various ignition stimuli and had excellent pyrotechnic performance.
Chlorine-Free Red-Burning Pyrotechnics.
Avoiding chlorine in these formulations eliminates the risk of the formation of PCBs, PCDDs, and PCDFs, which will have a great impact on both military pyrotechnics and commercial firework sectors.
Minimal fluorous tagging strategy that enables the synthesis of the complete stereoisomer library of SCH725674 macrolactones.
Comparisons of spectra of 32 lactones and 16 ester precursors provide insights into when and why related compounds have the same or different spectra.
Versatile Boron Carbide-Based Visual Obscurant Compositions for Smoke Munitions
New pyrotechnic smoke compositions, containing only environmentally benign materials, have been demonstrated to produce thick white smoke clouds upon combustion. These compositions use powdered boron
Use of Magnesium Diboride as a “Green” Fuel for Green Illuminants
We report here on the use of magnesium diboride (MgB2) as a barium-free alternative for the pyrotechnic generation of green light. Formulations employing KNO3 as the oxidizer, MgB2 as the fuel, and
Promising Properties and System Demonstration of an Environmentally Benign Yellow Smoke Formulation for Hand-Held Signals
A novel yellow smoke formulation, based on the environmentally benign dye Solvent Yellow 33, has been validated as a replacement for the current formulation specified for the M194 yellow smoke
Development of Sustainable, Epoxy-Bound Mg/NaNO3 Compositions for the U.S. Army’s 40 mm Yellow Illuminant Flares
We report here on the development of novel yellow-emitting pyrotechnic flares based on ground magnesium, sodium nitrate (NaNO3), and a two-part epoxy thermoset. This work was aimed to eliminate the
High-performing red-light-emitting pyrotechnic illuminants through the use of perchlorate-free materials.
The development of perchlorate-free M662 40 mm illuminating pyrotechnic compositions is described. On the bases of cost, performance, and sensitivity, potassium periodate was determined to be most