Jared B Barton

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BACKGROUND The aim of this study is to assess the clinical utility of routine preoperative computed tomography (CT) scanning in patients with cancer of the intraperitoneal colon. METHODS From November 1997 to June 2001, all patients at VA Puget Sound Healthcare System with a diagnosis of colon cancer were referred for a preoperative CT scan. Medical(More)
We develop a simple theory and conduct a laboratory experiment to explore the e↵ect of information about charities' performances and its public visibility on the intensive margins of charitable giving (i.e. existing donors). In our model existing donors with di↵erent preferences for giving treat their donations as either complements or (imperfect)(More)
Political campaigns spend millions of dollars each voting cycle on persuading voters, and it is well established that these campaigns do affect voting decisions. What is less understood is what element of campaigning—the content of the message or the delivery method itself— sways voters, a question that relates back to how advertising works generally. We(More)
PURPOSE: Supersedes SP 04-29 " Policy on Minors " ; updates the campus definition of a minor in the absence of Title V/Chancellor's Office directives; provides additional guidance for curricular development encompassing minors. BACKGROUND: Prior policies established minimum characteristics of a minor and addressed students majoring and minoring in the same(More)
Shiftwork is an essential part of nursing, where care is delivered over 24-hour periods. It is recognised, however, that such systems can have adverse physical and psychological effects on the people who have to work within them. This paper describes research into the value of flexible rostering and concludes that individual involvement in the timing and(More)
The Falkland Islands fishing industry is unique, as 60-80% of its annual catch consists of two squid species, Illex argentinus and Doryteuthis gahi. Short annual life cycles make both species susceptible to intra-annual environmental changes, resulting in large biomass fluctuations that must be addressed in management of the stocks. In the D. gahi fishery,(More)
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