Jared Adam Nisbett

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BACKGROUND Impaired hepatic uptake is the major cause of raised serum bile acid levels in liver disease, but confirmation in humans by direct measurement is lacking. The synthetic gamma-labelled bile acid 75Se-homocholic acid taurine (75SeHCAT) provides a tool for the direct measurement of hepatic bile acid handling. OBJECTIVE To determine the(More)
— The advent of computers and the World Wide Web diversified the way in which the game of Go is played. While traditional human-to-human play still remains an important form of game play, amateur players, along with some professional players, have shifted the play domain from " off-line " club houses to " on-line " Go servers. Computer Go is an important(More)
TSP solution techniques are extensively used for vehicle route planning and are NP-complete even in the most basic form; however, the problem complexity is even greater for vehicles with a limited turning radius. Mutual Attraction Guided Search (MAGS), a new algorithm in development by the PI, quickly converges on local optima to the curvature constrained(More)
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