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Date ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to sincerely thank Professor Wheeler Ruml for all the help he has given me throughout the entire process of finding a topic, doing the research and writing this thesis. I would also like to thank Kevin Rose, who I have worked with closely over the past year. We worked jointly on a robot simulator framework, as we are both(More)
Robust robot motion planning in dynamic environments requires that actions be selected under real-time constraints. Existing heuristic search methods that can plan high-speed motions do not guarantee real-time performance in dynamic environments. Existing heuristic search methods for real-time planning in dynamic environments fail in the high-dimensional(More)
Founding and leading a research group in artificial intelligence, teaching courses in computer science, and advising students in the B. Technical and managerial leadership for a group of seven Ph.D.-level researchers in artificial intelligence and automatic control. Responsible for sponsor relationships ($2.3M/year), hiring, discretionary budget(More)
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