Jaques Senechal

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Production of foreign proteins in the tissues of transgenic animals represents an efficient and economical method of producing therapeutic and pharmaceutical proteins. In this study, we demonstrate that the mouse P12 gene promoter specific to the male accessory sex gland can be used to generate transgenic mice that express human growth hormone (hGH) in(More)
Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) has been implicated in a wide variety of physiological processes including ovarian function. To better understand the ovarian role of IGF-I, transgenic mice harbouring a human IGF-I cDNA (hIGF-I) under the control of the mouse LH receptor promoter were generated. Expression of the hIGF-I, determined by Northern blot, was(More)
In order to evaluate the semen quality among honey bee populations, emergent honey bee drones were maintained to sexual maturity for 20 days under laboratory, semi-field, and field conditions. The drones were successfully maintained in laboratory conditions. Drones under laboratory and field conditions presented a lower spermatozoa concentration and lower(More)
A nitrate control system has been devised for the maintenance of stable nitrate concentrations throughout fed-batch fermentations of Corynebacterium glutamicum. The feedback control system was based on the use of a nitrate-ion-selective electrode to directly monitor the nitrate levels in the fermentor and an automatic controller to activate a nitrate feed(More)
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