Jaqueline Peden

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A molecular cloning strategy has been designed to isolate the gene that encodes the small cytoplasmic RNA (scRNA) component of bacterial signal recognition particles. Using this strategy a putative Listeria monocytogenes scRNA lambda gt11 recombinant clone was isolated. A previously described complementation assay developed to genetically select functional(More)
Previous analytical models were extended to predict cosmic ray-induced soft error rates in static MOS memory devices. The effect is due to ionization and can be introduced by high energy, heavy ion components of the galactic environment. The results indicate that the sensitivity of memory cells is directly related to the density of the particular MOS(More)
Plasma fibrinogen chromatography and other relevant determinations of factors of known importance in thrombus production and dissolution were done serially in 19 hospitalized burned patients. The findings indicate that the coagulation mechanism was chronically activated and that, judging from the observed, sustained elevation of circulating high molecular(More)
While current-injection tests (CIT) cannot replace direct radiation tests, they offer a relatively inexpensive and easily implemented technique to evaluate some aspects of spacecraft hardness. These techniques can reproduce at least one aspect of the SG EM P response--pulsed currents on structural elements which couple to subsystem circuit interfaces.(More)