Jaqueline Doyle

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A profile of audiological and psychological characteristics, obtained before starting tinnitus management training, is presented for 96 subjects with tinnitus. Variability was marked in all measures. A history of headaches, neck or back pain, or balance problems was not related to the ability to cope with tinnitus. The coping strategies used to manage(More)
A series of studies examining the interaction between the characteristics of individual tinnitus sufferers and the effectiveness of the methods used to assist them has been conducted. The first of these studies provided a baseline description of 96 people with tinnitus, according to a range of audiological and psychological variables. In the present paper(More)
A procedure is described for choosing talkers for the BKB/A (BKB/Australian version) Speechreading Test. The main aims were: to select several talkers from a pool of potential talkers, to avoid adventitiously choosing a markedly atypical single talker; to assess speechreading as a general skill rather than as talker-specific; and to select talkers who were(More)
Sixty-five subjects were reviewed 12 months after tinnitus management training, which had been comprised variously of information, relaxation training and a therapeutic noise strategy. Seventy-four per cent of subjects reported increased habituation to tinnitus (n = 48), 65% reported reduced tinnitus annoyance (n = 42), and 52% reported an increased ability(More)
BACKGROUND Lifestyle intervention programs after bariatric surgery have been suggested to maximise health outcomes. This pilot study aimed to investigate the feasibility and impact of an 8-week combined supervised exercise with nutritional-behavioral intervention following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy. METHODS Eight female patients (44(More)
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