Jaqueline D.D. Oliveira

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Wages in developing countries differ greatly across sector and across space. In Brazil, the average wage in a municipality at the 90th percentile of the wage distribution is 3.2 times larger than the average wage in a municipality at the 10th percentile of the wage distribution. Adjusting for individual characteristics, industry, and the cost of living, the(More)
Low-complexity regions are sub-sequences of biased composition in a protein sequence. The influence of these regions over protein evolution, specific functions and highly interactive capacities is well known. Although protein sequence entropy has been largely studied, its relationship with low-complexity regions and the subsequent effects on protein(More)
We used the multiplex semi-quantitative reverse-transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) to investigate kallikrein 2 and 3 (KLK2 and KLK3) mRNA levels in prostate tissue from 42 prostate cancer patients, 33 of whom were also assessed for peripheral blood KLK2 expression by qualitative semi-nested RT-PCR. We found that KLK2 was an important tissue biomarker for(More)
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