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The doubly-labelled water (2H218O) method was used to measure total energy expenditure (TEE) in ten non-pregnant, non-lactating (NPNL), six pregnant (P) and fourteen lactating (L) women in a rural Gambian community. Measurements were made on free-living subjects at a period of peak energetic stress when high agricultural work loads coincided with a hungary(More)
A chamber stiffness (K(LV))-transmitral flow (E-wave) deceleration time relation has been invasively validated in dogs with the use of average stiffness [(DeltaP/DeltaV)(avg)]. K(LV) is equivalent to k(E), the (E-wave) stiffness of the parameterized diastolic filling model. Prediction and validation of 1) (DeltaP/DeltaV)(avg) in terms of k(E), 2) early(More)
Previous observations (Garcia et al. 1998; Sohn et al. 1997; Nagueh et al. 1997) indicate that mitral annulus velocity may be viewed as a "load-independent" index of filling and that wedge pressure is linearly related to the transmitral flow velocity (V(E)) to mitral annulus velocity (V(MA)) ratio (V(E)/V(MA)) measured at maximum velocity. In healthy(More)
Contaminated water and soil at active or abandoned munitions plants is a serious problem since these compounds pose risks to human health and can be toxic to aquatic and terrestrial life. Our objective was to determine if zero-valent iron (Fe(0)) could be used to promote remediation of water and soil contaminated with 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) and(More)
We sought to extract additional physiological information from the time-dependent left ventricular (LV) pressure contour and thereby gain new insights into ventricular function. We used phase plane analysis to characterize high-fidelity pressure data in selected subjects undergoing elective cardiac catheterization. The standard hemodynamic indexes of LV(More)
We have performed, by open-circuit indirect calorimetry, a total of 1546 measurements of energy expenditure on 142 nonpregnant, pregnant, or lactating Gambian village women. Of the 47 common daily activities measured, only 7 would be classified as moderate according to internationally accepted standards, the remainder being light (ie requiring less than 3.5(More)
Iron absorption from a typical Gambian meal of rice with groundnut sauce was measured by the fecal balance technique in nonanemic adult males with 58Fe as an extrinsic label and neutron activation analysis and compared with ferrous sulphate. Gambian men had a higher efficiency of absorption than UK volunteers but the availability of the food Fe was(More)
CONTEXT The identification of living or deceased persons using unique traits and characteristics of the teeth and jaws is a cornerstone of forensic science. Teeth have been used to estimate age both in the young and old, as well as in the living and dead. Gradual structural changes in teeth throughout life are the basis for age estimation. Tooth cementum(More)
Odontomas and dentigerous cysts are common findings for practicing dental professionals. However, simultaneous occurrence of pathologies like odontoma and dentigerous cyst are uncommon and their diagnosis based on the radiographic appearance alone is a challenge to overcome. They together are a potential for complications like attaining large size, root(More)
CONTEXT Cementoenamel junction (CEJ) represents the anatomic limit between the crown and root surface. With advancing age and continuous eruption, this area becomes exposed in the oral media. Consequently, CEJ will be subjected to the action of various physical and chemical factors that might alter its morphology, with the cementum being affected in most(More)
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