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145 Approximating dynamic global illumination in image space. T Ritschel, T Grosch, HP Seidel SI3D, 75­82 123 Cascaded light propagation volumes for real­time indirect illumination. A Kaplanyan, C Dachsbacher SI3D, 99­107 83 Efficient sparse voxel octrees. 52 Perceptually consistent example­based human motion retrieval. 51 Screen space fluid rendering with(More)
The impact of a post myocardial infarction education programme was assessed by comparing the increase in knowledge of patients and spouses about CHD in two hospitals, one (A) with and the other (B) without such a programme. Subjects completed the same two questionnaires twice, once within 4 days of admission and again within 16 days of leaving hospital. Q1(More)
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