Jaouad Haddaoui

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The remarkable actinide(III) selectivity of the polyaromatic N-donors bis-triazine-pyridines (BTPs), hemi-bis-triazine-pyridines (hemi-BTPs) and bis-triazine-bipyridines (BTBPs) make these ligands the most promising candidates in partitioning and transmutation processes developed so far to better manage nuclear waste. The interactions of n-Pr-BTP,(More)
The binding of lanthanide(III) cations with organophosphorous ligands like CMPO and related calix[4]arene-based derivatives have been investigated using two experimental methods. The stability constants of the lanthanum, europium and ytterbium complexes were first determined in methanol by UV absorption spectrophotometry in the presence of nitrate or(More)
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