Jaouad Boukachour

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Through this paper we intend to provide an outline of the various applications of the approach bond graph, to model the manufacturing systems, in order to improve their operation or to help the decision making. Three types of applications are presented with their specificities and their limitations, making it possible to emphasize a certain number of(More)
Scheduling aircraft landing is a complex task encountered by most of the control towers. In this paper, we study the aircraft landing problem (ALP) in the multiple runway case. We present in the first part, a mathematical formulation of the problem with a linear and nonlinear objective function. In the second part, we consider the static case of the problem(More)
The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is an important problem occurring in many logistics systems. The objective of VRP is to serve a set of customers at minimum cost, such that every node is visited by exactly one vehicle only once. In this paper, we consider the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem (DVRP) which new customer demands are received along the day.(More)
This paper describes a system for the integration of different logistic chain actors. The proposed system exploits the open Internet standards and is based on connection model between Logistic system users and service providers. The Integrated Logistics Information System (ILIS) concerns global logistics and involves interrogating information relating to(More)
Résumé—Le problème de tournées de véhicules (Vehicle Routing Problem – VRP) est l’un des problèmes d’optimisation combinatoire les plus étudiés dans le domaine du transport. Il consiste à visiter des clients à partir d’un ou de plusieurs dépôts au moyen d’une flotte de véhicules, avec un coût minimal. Le VRP est un problème NP-complet, pour lequel il(More)
Container Terminal (CT) plays a relevant role in the global supply chain. Thus, the occurrence of an accidental event causing the interruption of its functioning will affect a large scale of its collaborators. However, the rise of terroristic activities that exploits transportation systems for fraudulent activities makes the risk management process at the(More)
This paper proposes a simulation model to analyze the handling and the transfer system of containers in Le Havre seaport. The decision variables of simulation are determined by using the CPLEX optimization software. The goal is to determine the least expensive strategy for the transfer of a set of containers between container terminals. The simulation model(More)
Until lately, transportation risk management has mostly dealt with natural or man-made accidental disasters. The September 11th tragedy has made transportation operators, as well as shippers and public authorities, aware of a new type of risk, man-made and intentional. Securing global transportation networks has become an important concern for governments,(More)
In this paper we present our research works centered on a problematic which attract the attention of many researchers and decision maker, which is the traceability of the product. we are interested more precisely to the traceability in the field of goods transportation, by proposing a modeling approach of the relative data to freight, the result of this(More)