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We describe an unusual case of mucous cysts in 3 fingers of both hands in a 52-year old woman, working as a cashier. The cysts were localized over the joints, between distal interphalangeal joint and the proximal nail fold. It is possible that the job of the patient (i. e. counting money with both hands, repeated straightening and bending of distal(More)
The determination of mercury in urine using cold atomic absorption spectrometry according to Gage and Warren is used after slight modification as standard method for the exposure test in persons exposed to its vapours in industry in Czechoslovakia. Within the concentration range between 100 and 600 nmol X l-1 of urine the relative standard deviation was(More)
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Ischemic contracture of the forearm known as Volkmann contracture develops from untreated (or treated to late) compartment syndrome within the forearm. Surgery is needed if function of the extremity is to be restored after fully developed Volkmann contracture. The uniform management is accepted in our Department since 1982. Multi-stage surgical treatment is(More)
The X-rays diagnostics of the knee joint is based in a large extend on roentgenological diagnostics. All intra-articular injuries make a lot of diagnostic problems. In suspicion of an injury of a ligament system of the knee joint function films are the main examination. But NMR is the most efficient picture examination of those injuries.