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BACKGROUND Transplantation is the only effective method of treatment for end-stage and acute liver failure. Increased average survival time has been observed, and results from improved surgical technique and amended immunosuppression protocols. However, longer survival of patients after orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT) results in higher rate of(More)
PURPOSE To assess the differences between the prevalence of risk factors in patients with age- related macular degeneration (AMD), with glaucoma and with both diseases. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study included 255 patients, 156 F/99 M, in age 30 to 92 years, mean age 70.9 years. They were divided into 3 groups: AMD Group (83 patients, 46 F/37 M, mean age(More)
BACKGROUND Pedobarography is an evidence-based diagnostic method that allows quantitative, qualitative and repeatable measurement of pressures on every square centimetre of the sole area of the foot as well as centre of gravity sway, with graphic and numerical recording of results. The aim of the study was to assess the progress of a selected model of(More)
AIMS This prospective, multicenter, single-masked study evaluated the additive effect of dorzolamide hydrochloride 2% on the diurnal intraocular pressure (IOP) curve and retinal and retrobulbar hemodynamics in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) treated with morning-dosed bimatoprost 0.03%. METHODS Eighty-nine patients (aged, 60.7 ± 11.8(More)
INTRODUCTION  Multiple factors that affect the prognosis of acute coronary syndromes (ACS) have been identified. There are scarce data on the effect of the blood group on prognosis in this patient group. OBJECTIVES We investigated the effect of ABO and Rh (D antigen) status on the prognosis of ACS. PATIENTS AND METHODS A group of 418 consecutive(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the influence of common classes of topical antiglaucoma medications used either in monotherapy or combined therapy on CCT. MATERIAL AND METHODS In a retrospective study 487 eyes from consecutive 260 patients (148 F/112 M) with open angle glaucoma were examined. Depending on the topical treatment they were classified into 7 groups:(More)
Regular physical activity is usually associated with significant health benefits, but therapeutic exercise is seldom routine in renal transplant recipients. We report a randomized clinical trial of exercise training after renal transplantation. Sixty-nine patients were randomly recruited on the first or second day after kidney transplantation into two(More)
Prior studies suggested that obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) promotes recurrence of arrhythmia in patients after atrial fibrillation (AF) ablation. In this prospective, long-term, observational study, we enrolled 290 consecutive patients admitted for AF ablation. Prior to the ablation, all patients underwent a polygraphy sleep study for the diagnosis of OSA.(More)
The telecardiological system Kardionet is being developed to support interventional cardiology. The main aim of the system is to collect specific and systemized patient data from the distant medical centers and to organize it in the best possible way to diagnose quickly and choose the medical treatment. It is the distributed GRID type system operating in(More)
BACKGROUND Data on the potent pleiotropic extraskeletal effects of vitamin D have renewed interest in its use in selected populations, including patients with chronic kidney disease, but the available data are still insufficient to make recommendations. This study assessed the long-term effect of small cholecalciferol doses on serum vitamin D, parathormone(More)