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Osteoclast-like giant cells (OLGCs) are multinucleated cells of histiocytic lineage and have been identified in a wide array of neoplasms. In the uterus, they have most frequently been reported in association with leiomyosarcomas. This article describes a case of an osteoclast-like giant cell-rich uterine tumor that was essentially indistinguishable at the(More)
Filtering out disturbances from transmitted or recovered measurement signals is one of the most important tasks of analog and digital signal processing for many decades. Removing of specific disturbances, having form of separate pulses (impulsive disturbances), requires specific algorithms because of very wide spectra of such pulses. The use of median(More)
The scores on 22 items of the Purdue Perceptual-motor Survey, administered to 567 normal school children of mean IQ 103 and mean age of 116 mo., were subjected to R-factor analysis by the method of principal factoring with orthogonal varimax rotation. The analysis led to the definition of 10 factors: J, ocular control; K, dynamic balance; L, visual-motor(More)
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