Janusz Narkiewicz

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  • V J Srinivasan, Y Chen, J S Duker, J G Fujimoto, Y M Kondo, M Miyake +122 others
  • 2009
Non-invasive methods of probing retinal function are of interest for the early detection of retinal disease. While retinal function is traditionally directly measured with the electroretinogram (ERG), recently functional optical imaging of the retina has been demonstrated. In this manuscript, stimulus-induced, intrinsic optical scattering changes in the(More)
PURPOSE To compare the sensitivity and variability of pupil perimetry with visual perimetry at the same retinal locations in normal subjects. METHODS Pupil perimetry was performed on the right and left eyes of 10 normal subjects using a computerized infrared pupillometer equipped to present perimetric light stimuli and record pupil light reflexes. Eleven(More)
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