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Coauthors (CA) of a " lead investigator " (LI) can receive a rank (r) according to their " importance " in having published joint publications with the LI. It is commonly accepted , without any proof, that publications in peer review journals and e.g. conference proceedings do not have the same " value " in a CV. Same for papers contributed to encyclopedia(More)
Different distance matrices are defined and applied to look for correlations between the gross domestic product of G7 countries. Results are illustrated through displays obtained from various graph methods. Significant similarities between results are obtained. A procedure for choosing the best distance function is proposed taking into account the size of(More)
A novel analysis of ion current time series is proposed. It is shown that higher (second, third and fourth) statistical moments of the ion current probability distribution function (PDF) can yield new information about ion channel properties. The method is illustrated on a two-state model where the PDF of the compound states are given by normal(More)
The Theil index is much used in economy and finance; it looks like the Shannon entropy, but pertains to event values rather than to their probabilities. Any time series can be remapped through the Theil index. Correlation coefficients can be evaluated between the new time series, thereby allowing to study their mutual statistical distance,-to be contrasted(More)
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