Janusz Masłowski

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The subject of experimental, saturated dividing to 20 m depth was alertness level measured by means of spectral analysis of EEG records. Air was served as breathing mixture compressed to a given depth in closed circulating system. Altogether 49 EEG records made during compression, plateau and decompression, were analysed. Two methods of analysis were(More)
The authors conducted the preliminary clinical investigation on 16 multiple sclerosis (Sclerosis multiplex) patients of median disease duration 9.33 years and symptoms evaluated on Kurtzke's scale. The patients underwent between 25 and 30 hyperbaric oxygen exposures at a pressure of 2 ata in intervals spread over a few days. The patients were qualified and(More)
In the Institute of Maritime Medicine EEG, endoscopic and psychiatric-neurological examinations were carried out in 169 cases of peptic ulcer of the stomach or duodenum. Low-voltage and abnormal records were associated usually with larger ulcers of the stomach or duodenum. These abnormalities were significantly more frequent in cases of duodenal ulcer than(More)
A study of 120 cases of schizophrenia in Poland and 80 in Malta. Clinical analysis have showed differences of the symptomatology as well as of the content of the delusions and hallucinations, treatment and prognosis as a result of the cultural, racial and social pathoplastic influences. In comparison with Polish the Maltese schizophrenics had less described(More)
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