Janusz M. Sowa

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Nacrtak The present research deals with costs and economic effectiveness of timber harvesting technology with the use of the NIAB 5–15 processor mounted on a farm tractor, which method is used in Poland. Measurements were conducted in pine, fir and spruce stands, which underwent early and late thinnings. During harvesting, a time study was performed using(More)
A 69-year-old woman treated for 31 months with daily oral cyclophosphamide for refractory rheumatoid disease developed acute myelomonocytic leukemia 21/2 years after stopping the drug. The possibility of a casual association between the therapy and subsequent leukaemia is supported by the growing experience with cytotoxic agents.
A black woman developed chronic myelopathy, polymyositis and synovitis. Although native of a nonendemic area the possibility of human T lymphotropic virus I association was considered. She tested positive and was serendipitously found to have been positive 16 years before. Risk factors were a transfusion and work as a serology technician. Sjögren's(More)
The study covered an analysis of the accuracy level of measuring time within a working shift using the method of regular snapshot observation at a harvester operator’s worksite in Scots pine stands. A conformance level of the analyzed methods was evaluated through assessing the accuracy of rectilinear fitting of time structures, established using the(More)