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finding an answer to the question: what kind of packet dispatching scheme should be used in the CBC switch to achieve very good performance in terms of throughput, cell delay and central buffers size. The uniform and nonuniform traffic distribution patterns are used to evaluate the performance of the CBC switch. Using computer simulation we try to fill an(More)
— In this paper the new packet switch architecture with multiple output queuing (MOQ) is proposed. In this architecture the nonblocking switch fabric, which has the capacity of N × N 2 N × N 2 N × N 2 , and output buffers arranged into N separate queues for each output, are applied. Each of N queues in one output port stores packets directed to this output(More)
— Performance evaluation of the multiple output queueing (MOQ) switch recently proposed by us is discussed in this paper. In the MOQ switch both the switch fabric and buffers can operate at the same speed as input and output ports. This solution does not need any speedup in the switch fabric as well as any matching algorithms between inputs and outputs. In(More)