Janusz Kamiński

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In 2001 a modified MRC questionnaire and spirometry were performed in the inhabitants of Zabrze (Poland). Two hundred and thirty-nine men and 320 women aged 19-69 years were studied. Forty percent of men and 23% of women were smokers. In men but not in women a decline in smoking habit was observed as compared with previous studies in Zabrze carried out in(More)
The static adhesion of living L1210 cells (in serum-containing medium) to the surface of (styrene/methylmethacrylate) copolymers differing in styrene content (from 5% to 50% of styrene units) was investigated. The examination of wettability of the copolymer surfaces showed that the contact angle of water on the hydrophobic surfaces is an increasing linear(More)
Two patients, a young woman and a young man, with mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the lung, who were diagnosed at the Department of Phthisiopneumonology in Zabrze Silesian Medical University in Katowice are described. The principal method of diagnostics in the presented cases were bronchofiberoscopy followed by the histopathological examination of the lesions.(More)
Among 3498 patients with hemoptysis 513 had normal chest x-ray picture. Bronchoscopy performed in all these patients allowed to recognise malignant neoplasms of the lungs, trachea and pharynx in 109 patients. In 222 patients--nonspecific bronchitis and in 46--tuberculosis were recognised. In 86 patients diagnosis was not established.
A case of a female adult patient with croup is described. Inflammation, as well as pseudomembranes, restricting the patency of trachea, developed within several hours after the first symptoms of infection were observed. Tracheostomy was performed Bronchofiberoscopies were repeated on a regular basis several times a day over a period of two weeks, with the(More)
In this study we present the case of 53 year old woman hospitalized in the Department of Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis in Zabrze, Silesian Medical University in Katowice, due to chronic cough and infiltration in the chest radiogram. Prior to the admission, the patient received long-lasting antibiotic ambulatory treatment leveled at laryngobronchitis. After(More)
AIM The goal was to improve the properties of NiTi shape memory alloy to make it suitable for cardiac applications. For this purpose, a hybrid a-CNH+TiO2+TiN-type surface layer was produced on NiTi alloy and characterized. MATERIALS & METHODS The NiTi alloy subjected to hybrid process combining low-temperature oxynitriding under glow discharge conditions(More)