Janusz Kaczmarek

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MOTIVATION Reconstruction of the original DNA sequence in the sequencing by the hybridization approach (SBH) requires computational support due to a large number of possible combinations. One can notice a lack of algorithms admitting false-negative data and giving in addition all possible solutions. RESULTS In this paper, a new method of sequencing has(More)
There are no certain histological or morphological criteria which would improve the precision of life expectancy and the selection of the most efficient methods of treatment in patients with squamous cell laryngeal carcinoma. The analysis of proliferation activity using immunohistochemical markers such as antigens Ki 67 and PCNA may be helpful to evaluate(More)
4 bridge for impedance measurement is proposed. The problem of 5 impedance measurement is formulated as a linear-in-parameter 6 estimation one, and a suitable algorithm is proposed that ensures 7 high measurement accuracy under a high convergence rate. In 8 particular, the optimum experimental conditions regarding the 9 reference resistance and the sampling(More)
Merkel cell carcinoma is a rare malignant primary tumor of the skin, which develop typically in the elderly in the sun exposed areas of the skin, most commonly in the head and neck region. This tumor is very aggressive with a high rate of regional and distant metastases, marked propensity for local et regional recurrence, and very poor survival. Skin(More)
Real time high resolution ultrasonography (US) is thought to be the diagnostic tool of high sensitivity in detecting lymph nodes in patients diagnosed and follow-up for head and neck malignancies. Sensitivity and specificity of US are determined by quality of equipment, the kind of transducer and the experience of ultrasonographer. The diagnostic(More)
The aim the study was showed some spirometric and aerodynamic parameters of the respiratory system and of vicarious voice at laryngectomized patients, which were performed in plethysmographic cabin and by using of pneumotachometer. Clinical material stated 20 laryngectomized men, aged 45-77 years, who were divided into two groups (by Pruszewicz): A-well or(More)
A case of 74-year old woman with six separate cancers is presented. Four of them were nonmelanoma skin cancers (2 basal-cell carcinomas and 2 squamous-cell carcinomas), the remaining two were noncutaneous malignancies (invasive lobular carcinoma of the breast and squamous cell carcinoma of the parotid gland). Three lesions were present simultaneously on the(More)