Janusz Jablonowski

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01, be t d e m oben d a r g e l e g t e n S t a n d am P l a t z e w a r und i n w i e w e i t und wie d e r V e r s e u e h u n g d i e k o s t s p i e l i g e , d i e l a n g e d i e O r g a n i s a t i o n f o r t b e s t e h e n s o l l , B e v S l k e r u n g s t a r k b e u n r u h i g e n d e Mol ) i l w o l l e n w i t h i e r n i e h t e r O r t e(More)
In this paper we give some remarks on the problem of teaching programming for the first year students at the undergraduate level. The remarks are based on the experience gained by the author through several years of teaching programming at the Warsaw University. The main issue discussed in this paper concerns the choice of the programming language for the(More)
Contemporary programs come with complex user interfaces hard to analyze without automated support. There are many applications when precise analysis of a system GUI organization is needed and required --- e.g. generation of GUI map. Unfortunately it requires a lot of complex computations. In this paper we show how this task can be automatically accomplished(More)
This paper summarizes experiences gained with OO teaching for several years at the Warsaw University. We start with description of students being taught and the impact of their skills and motivation on the chosen teaching approach. Then we sketch the adopted teaching program. Finally we discuss how the teaching may be improved by using modern teaching tools(More)
The paper describes experiences gained during last six years of teaching teamwork programming at the Warsaw University. We describe the background, history and evolution of this study subject. We summarize our discussion with some remarks about the importance of such subjects in software engineering study and possible future enhancements.
In this paper we present a case study concerning the choice of the first programming language for the computer science study. We show a small example, typical for introductory courses, then show construction of its solution in Java and conclude with some remarks, about the (in)adequacy of Java-like languages for the introductory programming courses.
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