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Angiographic studies on 150 pituitary adenomas and 33 craniopharyngiomas presenting for surgical treatment are reviewed. Eleven incidental silent aneurysms (four arising from the intracavernous and four from the supraclinoid carotid artery, and three from the anterior cerebral artery complex) are shown. Intracavernous aneurysms were also present in two(More)
Magnetic stimulation of the nervous system is a new technique introduced in 1985 by Barker, Jalinous and Freeston. Using short pulses of a time-varying magnetic field it allows a noninvasive stimulation of the motor cortex and deeply placed peripheral nerves. The authors presented basic principles and applications of this method. Stimulation procedures were(More)
Conduction in central motor pathways and motor roots was assessed, using the new technique of magnetic stimulation, in 39 patients with cervical spondylosis. Recordings were taken from abductor digiti minimi in all patients and from biceps brachii and abductor hallucis in some. Findings were abnormal ipsilaterally in 27 out of 63 muscles examined in(More)
OBJECTIVES To calculate the expected number of life-years saved by surgical treatment of unruptured intracranial aneurysms at ages over 20 years. METHODS An actuarial risk analysis of the treatment of unruptured intracranial aneurysms based on data from the International Study of Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms (ISUIA). The benefits of operative(More)
Multidirectional extension and invasive spread are important features of giant pituitary adenomas. Operability cannot be established merely by determining the size of the most prominent part of the tumour. Detailed radiological evaluation with plain films, computed tomography, angiography, and air studies all contribute to evaluation of the precise anatomy(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Experimental studies have shown that abnormalities of nerve microcirculation are important factors in the pathogenesis of diabetic neuropathy but there have been few clinical studies. We have applied microlightguide spectrophotometry to measure intravascular oxygen saturation (HbO2%) and blood flow in human sural nerve. METHODS We studied(More)
Blood samples were taken from the retrobulbar venous plexus or the sublingual vein of male HamIbm:Wist rats to compare clinical pathology parameters between the two sampling techniques. By analogy with a pharmacokinetic study, blood was sampled six times during one day from unfasted animals. After 3 weeks of recovery, blood was taken from fasted animals on(More)
Clinical, electrophysiological and ultrastructural morphometric observations were made in 5 diabetic non-neuropathic patients, 5 diabetic patients with mild neuropathy and 11 diabetic patients with severe neuropathy. Capillary abnormalities were assessed in simultaneous nerve, muscle and skin biopsies and compared with results from 6 age-matched,(More)