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I n t e r n a t io na l I n s t i tu te f o r A p p l i e d S y s t e m s A n a l y s is • A-2 3 6 1 L a x e n b u rg • A u s t r i a Interim Reports on work of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis receive only limited review. Views or opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the Institute, its National Member(More)
Model-based Decision Support Systems (DSS) often use multi-criteria optimization for selecting Pareto-optimal solutions. Such a selection is based on the interactive specification of user preferences. This can be done by a specification of aspiration and reservation levels for criteria. Diverse graphical user interfaces can be used for specification of(More)
— In this paper we will present a framework for modeling and management of complex systems. There are various approaches for modeling of these systems. One of the approaches is events driven modeling and management of complex system. Such approach is needed in information systems that provide information in real-time. Most of the existing modeling(More)
Management and modeling of complex systems is a challenging area of research. One of the approaches to modeling such systems is event driven modeling and management of a complex system. The application of the concept of event to systems modeling has been applied for modeling of discrete systems, of stochastic systems, etc. However, most of the existing(More)
The paper presents the management system of the IPv6 QoS Parallel Internet. The IPv6 QoS Parallel Internet has been developed as a part of the IIP System, which is the result of the project “Future Internet Engineering”. The architecture of the IIP System applies virtualization concept for supporting a number of Parallel Internets while using(More)