Janusz Golan

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We analyzed histologic, ultrastructural, and functional characteristics of rabbit aortic conduits regenerated over absorbable polydioxanone prostheses. Twenty-eight polydioxanone-elicited prosthesis/tissue complexes harvested two weeks to 12 months following implantation were analyzed grossly; photographed; sectioned for light, scanning, and transmission(More)
The aim of the study was to compare the size, weight, volume and density of the pineal gland in several groups divided by age, body weight and height. 80 human pineal glands were included in the study. Obtained data were statistically analysed by means of Statistica by Statsoft to check existing differences. Obtained data show some significant differences(More)
The studies were carried out on 100 right and 100 left lungs taken from human corpses of both sexes whose age varied from 1 month to 80 years. The material was divided into 3 age groups. The pulmonary arteries were injected 65% duracryl and then digested in sulfuric acid. The specimens obtained were examined to measurement the length and the diameter of the(More)
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