Janusz Dubowik

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Evolution of the Gilbert damping enhancement in Al-doped Finemet (Al-F) films due to wedge-shaped Pt (0 - 7 nm) capping layer was observed using a broadband ferromagnetic resonance technique. The Pt wedge-shaped layer evolves from clusters to a continuous layer when its nominal thickness d<sub>Pt</sub> &gt; 1.5 nm. The damping for the discontinuous layer(More)
The influence of He (10 keV) ion bombardment on magnetic properties of sputter deposited Ni80Fe20/Au/Co/Au layered films was studied. The variable parameters were the thickness of the Co layer or Au spacer and the ion dose. The magnetooptical Kerr measurements were performed on samples with wedge shaped Co or Au layers. With increasing dose of helium ions(More)
Nowadays, the CoFeB thin layered film is intensively studied because of its potential applications in spintronic devices, especially devices based on spin-transfer torque phenomena. Hitherto, it has been shown that CoFeB may possess perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) when it is sandwiched between different layers (e.g. MgO, Pt, Pd, Ta, W). However,(More)
In this paper, we present the results of <i>in</i> <i>situ</i> temperature measurements of resistivity for some amorphous or partially crystalline Heusler alloy (HA) films: Co<sub>2</sub>CrAl, Co<sub>2</sub>MnGa, and off-stoichiometric Ni<sub>2</sub>Mn<sub>1+x</sub>Sn<sub>1-x</sub>, Ni<sub>2</sub>Mn<sub>1+x</sub>Ga<sub>1-x</sub> that are known to exhibit(More)
We report on the Gilbert damping parameter α, the effective magnetization [Formula: see text], and the asymmetry of the g-factor in bottom-CoFeB(0.93 nm)/MgO(0.90-1.25 nm)/CoFeB(1.31 nm)-top as-deposited systems. Magnetization of CoFeB layers exhibits a specific noncollinear configuration with orthogonal easy axes and with [Formula: see text] values of(More)
Electrodeposition technique was utilized to prepare amorphous Ni-P composition modulated layers (CML). High temperature magnetization measurements were applied to trace the crystallization process. For amorphous CML composed of alternating Ni78P22/NiS8P12 sublayers of the thicknesses of 7 nm, a two step crystallization was obse~ed, which is interpreted as(More)
We present results of in situ temperature measurements of resistivity for some amorphous or partially crystalline Heusler alloy films: Co2CrAl, Co2MnGa and off-stoichiometric Ni2Mn1+xSnx, Ni2Mn1−xGax that are known to exhibit half-metallic properties and martensitic transformations, respectively. From ρ vs. T characteristics we distinguish various stages of(More)
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