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Empirical knowledge on the appropriateness and desirability of competing methods and techniques of requirements engineering is rare. At the same time, existing knowledge has been achieved by different research methods which have not yet been consolidated. The paper structures empirical knowledge, evaluates it, and represents it in a research map. It will be(More)
Scientific literature strongly indicates that IT business value is best observed on the level of business processes. However, methodologies by which the contribution of IT can be systematically analyzed on a business processes level are currently insufficient. Therefore, this paper presents a methodology which, proceeding from a given status quo, analyzes(More)
Information Systems Discipline (ISD) is dominated by the two contrary paradigms of design science on the one hand and behavioral science on the other. Apart from that, research results are considered more or less relevant for practice depending on the respective paradigm. Conclusively, research communities following the paradigms are partly incompatible(More)
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