Janus S. Liang

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We have monitored Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) IgA antibody levels of 39 nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) cases for up to 15 years before clinical onset of NPC, and assessed preclinical serologic status of another 68 cases. Our results identify a serologic window preceding diagnosis when antibody levels are raised and sustained. This window can persist for as(More)
Air conditioning has become standard equipment on most vehicles, enhancing traveling comfort and safety. Modern systems feature integrated cooling, heating, demisting and defrosting, air filtering, and humidity control. There are a wide range of factors that affect the global warming contribution of a car, many of which result from how the car is used in(More)
The mechanism of network information is applied together with CAD, open software and virtual reality technology to generate a web-based learning framework for measuring components and circuit design of automobile electric system. There are three topics discussed: (1) developing the learning module for measuring electric parts; (2) building the platform for(More)
In this research, a Web-based conceptual design prototype system applies with open source software (e.g. Java, PHP, etc.) is presented. Aside from interpret on-line conceptual design kernel module, it consists of four parts which extract 3D component hierarchical configurations module, plan and view the. assemble paths for 3D components module, and handle(More)