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AIM To analyze the consequence of preventive health screenings and discussions on the utilization of secondary healthcare. METHODS All 30- to 49-year-old residents registered with a general practitioner in the district of Ebeltoft, Denmark, were included (n = 3,464) in a randomized controlled trial with eight years' follow-up. A random sample of 2,030(More)
BACKGROUND Regular preventive health screenings are a feature of primary health care in several countries. Studies of the effect of regular preventive health checks have reported different results regarding primary health care utilization. OBJECTIVE To analyse the effect of preventive health screening and health discussions on contacts to general(More)
BACKGROUND Evaluation of health care contacts from first events alone often misses large amounts of potentially important data and may produce different results than evaluation of all data including recurrent events. OBJECTIVE We aim to bring the different methodological approaches for analysing longitudinal health care data to the attention of(More)
The aim of the present study was to elucidate whether the qualitative composition of dietary fat influences plasma leptin and adipose tissue ob gene expression differentially. Two high-fat diets and a diet rich in carbohydrate were each administered both ad libitum and with a 25% energy restriction. The high-fat diets contained 58 energy percent as either(More)
OBJECTIVE Mortality and incidence of cardiovascular disease have declined during the past 35-40 years. The dual aim of this study is to investigate whether the prevalence of electrocardiographic findings is low compared with older studies and to describe the prevalence of electrocardiographic findings in the Danish population, which has not been reported(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with hypertension are primarily treated in general practice. However, major studies of patients with hypertension are rarely based on populations from primary care. Knowledge of blood pressure (BP) control rates in patients with diabetes and/or cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), who have additional comorbidities, is lacking. We aimed to(More)
Generic substitution has been implemented in many countries, but knowledge about patients’ attitudes, beliefs and experiences is still sparse. To assess associations between generic switching and patients’ attitudes, beliefs and experiences with previous generic switching. A cross-sectional study comprising questionnaire responses from 2,476 randomly(More)
Background. Sentinel Data Capture is an IT program designed to collect data automatically from GPs' electronic health record system. Data include ICPC diagnoses, National Health Service disbursement codes, laboratory analysis, and prescribed drugs. Quality feedback reports are generated individually for each practice on the basis of the accumulated data and(More)
The aim of this study was to describe primary non-adherence (PNA) in a Danish general practitioner (GP) setting, i.e. the extent to which patients fail to fill the first prescription for a new drug. We also assessed the length of time between the issuing of a prescription by the GP and the dispensing of the drug by the pharmacist. Lastly, we sought to(More)
AIMS The intention was to investigate whether preventive health checks and health discussions are cost effective. METHODS In a randomized trial the authors compared two intervention groups (A and B) and one control group. In 1991 2,000 30- to 49-year-old persons were invited and those who accepted were randomized. Both intervention groups were offered a(More)