Janus Laust Thomsen

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Generic substitution has been implemented in many countries, but knowledge about patients’ attitudes, beliefs and experiences is still sparse. To assess associations between generic switching and patients’ attitudes, beliefs and experiences with previous generic switching. A cross-sectional study comprising questionnaire responses from 2,476 randomly(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with hypertension are primarily treated in general practice. However, major studies of patients with hypertension are rarely based on populations from primary care. Knowledge of blood pressure (BP) control rates in patients with diabetes and/or cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), who have additional comorbidities, is lacking. We aimed to(More)
Background. Sentinel Data Capture is an IT program designed to collect data automatically from GPs' electronic health record system. Data include ICPC diagnoses, National Health Service disbursement codes, laboratory analysis, and prescribed drugs. Quality feedback reports are generated individually for each practice on the basis of the accumulated data and(More)
The aim of this study was to describe primary non-adherence (PNA) in a Danish general practitioner (GP) setting, i.e. the extent to which patients fail to fill the first prescription for a new drug. We also assessed the length of time between the issuing of a prescription by the GP and the dispensing of the drug by the pharmacist. Lastly, we sought to(More)
BACKGROUND Research activity in primary care has been steadily increasing, but is still insufficient and more researchers are needed. Many initiatives have been launched to recruit and retain primary care researchers, but only little is known about barriers and facilitators to a research career in primary care. OBJECTIVE To examine barriers and(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have shown the importance of paying attention to lay peoples' interpretations of risk of disease, in order to explain health-related behavior. However, risk interpretations interplay with social context in complex ways. The objective was to explore how asymptomatic patients with high cholesterol interpret risk of cardiovascular(More)
BACKGROUND General practitioners (GPs) and patients find it difficult to talk about risk of future disease, especially when patients have asymptomatic conditions, and treatment options are unlikely to cause immediate perceptible improvements in well-being. Further studies in risk communication training are needed. AIM 1) to systematically develop,(More)
BACKGROUND The accuracy of self-assessment has been questioned in studies comparing physicians' self-assessments to observed assessments; however, none of these studies used self-efficacy as a method for self-assessment. The aim of the study was to investigate how medical students' perceived self-efficacy of specific communication skills corresponds to the(More)
Background. The use of prostate-specific antigen test has markedly increased in Danish general practice in the last decade. Despite the national guidelines advice against PSA screening, opportunistic screening is supposed to be the primary reason for this increased number of PSA tests performed. Aims. Based on the increase in the amount of PSA conducted, we(More)
Background. Acute otitis media (AOM) is often treated with antibiotics. However, initial observation is recommended. Denmark has a low use of antibiotics compared with other countries, but the total use of antibiotics has increased by 32% during the last decade, and it is important to know whether general practitioners (GPs) prescribe antibiotics according(More)
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