Janus Bo Jespersen

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BACKGROUND AND AIM Significant tumour progression was observed during waiting time for treatment of head and neck cancer. To reduce waiting times, a Danish national policy of fast track accelerated clinical pathways was introduced in 2007. This study describes changes in waiting time and the potential influence of fast track by comparing waiting times in(More)
OBJECTIVE High serum uric acid levels have been associated with coronary heart disease (CHD). Hyperuricaemia is known to be related to several of the established aetiologic risk factors of CHD, such as obesity, insulin resistance, raised serum triglycerides, and hypertension, but it is still uncertain whether this relationship may cause the association(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the endothelial cell state and the possible relation to placental function in the third trimester of normal pregnancy by an indirect assessment of endothelial cell function. STUDY-DESIGN. Twenty-six pregnant women entered the study in the 30th week of pregnancy. Von Willebrand Factor, urate and key hemostatic variables were quantified at(More)
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