Jantina Clifford

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This report presents the results of the first behavioral genetic studies of children's loneliness. Data were collected using both an adoption design and a twin-sibling design. As part of the Colorado Adoption Project, 133 sibling pairs (69 biologically related pairs and 64 unrelated pairs in adoptive families) completed a general loneliness scale when they(More)
The Chinese government has announced the 2013 Guidelines for developing a national system for early detection of disability among children under 6 years of age. However, given limited resources, challenges exist with developmental measures required in the 2013 Guidelines. In order to meet the needs for a more accurate and cost-efficient measure for(More)
BACKGROUND The need for early intervention tools adapted to the First Nation culture is well documented. However, standards derived from First Nation communities are absent from the literature. This study examines the psychometric properties of an adaptation of a caregiver-completed screening tool, the Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ), for the Mohawk(More)
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