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Quinolones and coumarins were potent eliminators of chloroplasts from Euglena gracilis. There was a remarkable similarity between antichloroplastic and antibacterial activities of DNA gyrase inhibitors. Quinolones produced 100% chloroplast-free cells in concentrations which do not affect cell viability. Optimal conditions were exponential growth, continuous(More)
The genotoxic effect of ofloxacin was significantly decreased by standard antimutagens (sodium selenite, ascorbic acid, butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene) in the unicellular flagellate Euglena gracilis. The antiofloxacin activity of sodium selenite was also documented by a bacterial test in which the repair-proficient strain Salmonella(More)
To verify the hypothesis that the fluoroquinolone inhibitors of DNA gyrase generate some oxidant species and subsequently free radicals, the effects of simultaneous action of fluoroquinolones (ofloxacin, fleroxacin) and tetracyclines (tetracycline, doxycycline, thiatetracycline) or cetylpyridinium bromide as possible antioxidants on the flagellate Euglena(More)
A c-number path integral representation is constructed for the solution of the Dirac equation. The integration is over the real trajectories in the continuous three-space and other two canonical pairs of compact variables controlling the spin and the chirality flips. The path integral representation of the quantum amplitudes [1] has become an essential(More)
The mutagenicity (bleaching activity) of ofloxacin (43 microM) and acridine orange (AO) (13.5 microM) in Euglena gracilis is inhibited by plant phenolics. Caffeic acid (CA), p-coumaric acid (PCA), ferulic acid (FA) and gentisic acid (GA) (25, 50, 100 and 250 microM) exhibited a significant concentration-dependent inhibitory effect against ofloxacin-induced(More)
The running coupling constants are introduced in Quantum Mechanics and their evolution is described by the help of the renormalization group equation. The harmonic oscillator and the propagation on curved spaces are presented as examples. The hamiltonian and the lagrangian scaling relations are obtained. These evolution equations are used to construct low(More)
It is argued that universality is severely limited for models with multiple fixed points. As a demonstration the renormalization group equations are presented for the potential and the wave function renormalization constants in the O(N) scalar field theory. Our equations are superior compared with the usual approach which retains only the contributions that(More)
The haaron gas description is reviewed for the QCD vacuum. The role of non-renormalizable operators is emphasised in the mechanism which generates the string tension. Additional examples are mentioned where certain non-renormalizable operators of the bare lagrangian turn out to be important at finite energy scale.