Janos Perenyi

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Physiological properties of single units were investigated in the suprageniculate nucleus (SG) and in the cerebral cortex along the anterior ectosylvian sulcus (AES), including the insular cortex. The recording was performed with the aid of carbon-filled glass micropipetts in barbiturate-anesthetized cats. The main findings of the study can be summarized as(More)
We present two patients with epilepsy who experienced disabling myoclonic jerks during lamotrigine treatment. Both were young males who had intractable cryptogenic generalized epilepsy since childhood. They received a lamotrigine-valproate combination resulting in an excellent improvement; however, after 2-3 years of therapy, both patients were hospitalized(More)
JO N 2 84 1 A8344G [2]. However, major mood disorder has not been reported to date. A 63 year-old female (Patient 1) had three episodes of postpartum psychosis with severe depressive features in her twenties. At age 57 and 60 she had major depression episodes and suicidal ideation. At age 48, progressive proximal limbgirdle muscle weakness started.(More)
This study presents a case of severe root resorption of the maxillary central incisors in an 18-year-old woman who was referred for orthodontic treatment of irregular dental arches. A detailed history revealed that she used to play the block flute on an everyday basis during childhood. Against all warnings, she continued to firmly press her teeth into the(More)
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