Janos Perczel

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Metamaterials are artificial optical media composed of sub-wavelength metallic and dielectric building blocks that feature optical phenomena not present in naturally occurring materials. Although they can serve as the basis for unique optical devices that mould the flow of light in unconventional ways, three-dimensional metamaterials suffer from extreme(More)
We demonstrate that two-dimensional atomic emitter arrays with subwavelength spacing constitute topologically protected quantum optical systems where the photon propagation is robust against large imperfections while losses associated with free space emission are strongly suppressed. Breaking time-reversal symmetry with a magnetic field results in gapped(More)
We present the details of an invisibility cloak whose implementation would not require unphysical material properties, i.e. refractive indices that are singular or less than unity. To achieve this aim, we take the Non-Euclidean Cloak developed by Ulf Leonhardt and Thomas Tyc [1] and combine its refractive index profile with that of the Invisible Sphere [2](More)
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