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Carbon nanotubes focus the attention of many scientists because of their huge potential of industrial applications, but there is a paucity of information on the toxicological properties of this material. The aim of this experimental study was to characterize the biological reactivity of purified multi-wall carbon nanotubes in the rat lung and in vitro.(More)
The 7 billion global population is projected to grow by 70 million per annum, increasing by 30 % to 9.2 billion by 2050. This increased population density is projected to increase demand for food production by 70 % notably due to changes in dietary habits in developing countries towards high quality food, e.g. greater consumption of meat and milk products(More)
The concept of a spatial-velocity hodograph is introduced to describe quantitatively the extrusion of a carbon tubule from a catalytic particle. The conditions under which a continuous tubular surface can be generated are discussed in terms of this hodograph, the shape of which determines the geometry of the initial nanotube. The model is consistent with(More)
The lexically based Five-Factor Personality Inventory (FFPI) was correlated with the factors and facets of the Revised NEO Personality Inventory (NEO-PI-R) in Belgian (N = 265), American (N = 116), and Hungarian (N = 320) samples. Results were similar across the three cultures. Analysis of orthogonalized FFPI factors showed that three of them--emotional(More)
The challenge on carbon nanotubes is still the subject of many research groups. While in the first years the focus was on the new synthesis methods, new carbon sources and support materials, recently, the application possibilities are the principal arguments of the studies. The three main synthesis methods discussed in this review are the arc discharge, the(More)
The exploration and examination of near-Earth space helps us better understand our solar system and deeply affects our everyday life in areas such as telecommunications, Earth observation, and weather forecasting. Toward that end, scientists developed the onboard data acquisition and control system of the Obstanovka (Russian for environment) experiment in(More)
Six green pea varieties (Pisum sativum L.) with different maturity and leaf type were grown under three irrigation conditions (irrigated, water deficit, non-irrigated) in dry seasons with the objective to examine the relationship among stomatal resistance, stomatal density, chlorophyll content expressed by SPAD value, normalized difference vegetation index(More)
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