Janos L. Grantner

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Programs for contemporary industrial control systems are designed using Object Oriented methods and software agents. It is required that the system should reach its objectives even when unexpected events occur in an uncertain environment. A trend is that agents are becoming more autonomous, more complex and are having more responsibilities. A(More)
Our goal is to develop an automated assessment and training procedure for children with eye-hand coordination problem. An automated assessment system is expected to reduce the burden and the associated cost of having a trained professional present at any assessment, or training session. The intelligent decision support system will be based upon a fuzzy(More)
Real-world applications are often controlled with systems capable of executing several simultaneous control tasks. Each control task works in parallel with other control tasks to achieve common control goals. A desirable property for the design, analysis and supervision of such systems is the representation of an encapsulated (overlaid) state set which(More)
This paper presents a reconfigurable state transition architecture for the hybrid fuzzy-Boolean finite state machine (HFB FSM). The architecture is created using parameterized components to add versatility with respect to the number of fuzzy inputs and the number of states. This is a very attractive property to implement virtual fuzzy automata for(More)