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Today a spectrum of solutions are available for istributing content over the Internet, ranging from commercial CDNs to ISP-operated CDNs to content-provider-operated CDNs to peer-to-peer CDNs. Some deploy servers in just a few large data centers while others deploy in thousands of locations or even on millions of desktops. Recently, major CDNs have formed(More)
Consolidation of IT resources is a frequently cited task for IT decision makers, aiming to remove redundancy and thereby to cut costs. However, while economically motivated, the methods described in the literature rarely address costs directly. Instead, the focus often remains on purely IT-related considerations. In this paper, IT consolidation is addressed(More)
Reusing design models is an attractive approach in business process modeling as modeling efficiency and quality of design outcomes may be significantly improved. However, reusing conceptual models is not a cost-free effort, but has to be carefully designed. While factors such as psychological anchoring and task-adequacy in reuse-based modeling tasks have(More)
As the sector of SaaS is being evolved, the need of portability and effective orchestration of Cloud-enabled applications over virtualised infrastructures is more apparent. In this paper we present a proof of concept (PoC) project together with industry partners which deals with the management of portable Cloud applications. Experimentation with a(More)
Virtualization is the foundation of modern, cloud-based applications. The existence of virtual machines (VM) that host the components of such applications enables their portability and scalability. VMs are used in cloud infrastructures, and with dynamic operational requirements there is a need to move VMs within and across different clouds. The successful(More)
Reference models are applied as a form of control exerted by organizations in order to meet various goals such as shared understanding and/or semantic interoperability. The underlying assumption is that by reusing such conceptual reference models the development of the solution artifacts can be executed in a better way with regard to efficiency and(More)