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The effects of two glucocorticoid compounds (Dexamedium; Intervet. Voreen; Boehringer Ingelheim) were tested in 20 healthy and 28 ketotic dairy cows. Both compounds induced an increased blood glucose concentration and a temporary decrease in the milk yield of healthy dairy cows. Dexamedium reduced the milk yield only of cows producing 25 or more kg milk(More)
Twenty-three calves (three to eight months of age) with serological evidence of bovine respiratory syncytial virus infection were used in this study. The calves originated from four herds with respiratory tract disease. In a double blind trial the calves were injected intravenously with either flunixin meglumine (2 mg/kg body weight) or with a placebo. The(More)
BACKGROUND A validated prediction model estimates the absolute benefit of intensive versus standard lipid-lowering therapy (LLT) with statins on next major cardiovascular events for individual patients with coronary artery disease. We aimed to assess whether targeting intensive LLT therapy to coronary artery disease patients with the highest predicted(More)
Eleven ewes with pregnancy toxaemia were monitored clinically and biochemically after daily treatment with trenbolone acetate (30 mg) and propylene glycol (twice daily 100 ml), for at least one week. The clinical signs of pregnancy toxaemia at first examination were less severe than those described in ewes in other countries. After the first treatment, the(More)
The development of polyarthritis was studied in thirty-six calves. Thirty patients were from two to eleven days of age; six animals were older than eleven days. Besides clinical studies, the synovial fluid was examined both biochemically and bacteriologically in addition, a blood culture was made. When the synovial fluids of twenty-six calves were studied(More)
BACKGROUND Intestinal malrotation is a congenital intestinal abnormality caused by abnormal intestinal rotation during foetal development. CASE DESCRIPTION We describe a 20-year-old woman with many years' history of abdominal symptoms and eating disorders that were labelled as psychosomatic following repeated and extensive investigations. The diagnosis of(More)
The effect of clenbuterol hydrochloride on the course of disease in calves with a natural bovine respiratory syncytial virus infection was examined. Six calves (three to nine months of age) originating from four herds with respiratory tract disease and serological evidence of a bovine respiratory syncytial virus infection were used in this study. The calves(More)
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