Janne Skakon

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BACKGROUND Studies have shown that adverse workplace factors can increase the risk of ill-health in hospital workers, but more comprehensive measures of the psychosocial work environment are needed. OBJECTIVES To test a comprehensive and theory-based psychosocial work environment questionnaire and analyze associations with mental health in a sample of(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine whether managers' perceived stress and work strain is higher than perceived stress and work strain among employees. METHODS AND PARTICIPANTS The study is based on questionnaire responses from 2052 respondents (128 managers and 1924 employees) at 48 worksites. Bi-variate and multivariate analyses were used to explain possible(More)
PURPOSE To examine how line managers experience and manage the return to work process of employees on sick leave due to work-related stress and to identify supportive and inhibiting factors. MATERIALS AND METHODS Semi-structured interviews with 15 line managers who have had employees on sick leave due to work-related stress. The grounded theory approach(More)
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