Janne Lautamäki

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While the users of completed applications are heavily moving from desktop to the web browser, the majority of developers are still working with desktop IDEs such as Eclipse or Visual Studio. In contrast to professional installable IDEs, current web-based code editors are simple text editors with extra features. They usually understand lexical syntax and can(More)
In addition to using Bluetooth as a communication channel, it can be used to discover other devices nearby. In games, such information can be used in many ways, such as to group people or direct player to player interaction for instance. In this paper, we explore the possibility to use social proximity in multiplayer gaming using mobile phones. As an(More)
While the popularity of web applications is growing, most of the software is still developed using desktop tools. Nevertheless, a browser-based development environment could offer a multitude of advantages. For example, only an up-to-date web browser is needed and therefore the user has no need to carry out complex tool installation and update procedures.(More)
Software engineering has both technological and social dimensions. As development teams spanning across the globe are increasingly the norm and while the web enables massive online collaboration, there is a growing need for effective collaboration tools. In this paper, we describe experiences on collaborative programming as a tool for learning software(More)
With the increasing popularity of the World Wide Web, end-user applications are moving from the desktop to the browser. More and more applications that we have come to know as desktop applications are now making their way into the web. This has made online collaboration a key aspect for many applications. Collaborative applications like Facebook, Flickr and(More)
Software development is teamwork, where the team members collaborate despite of their working environments ranging from shared office to working in separate sites around the globe. Regardless of location, the teams need support for their collaborative tasks. In this paper, we present results of utilizing collaborative online coding environment to create(More)
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