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The goal of this research is to calculate the daily and cumulative dose distribution received by the radiotherapy patient while accounting for variable anatomy, by tracking the dose distribution delivered to tissue elements (voxels) that move within the patient. Non-linear image registration techniques (i.e., thin-plate splines) are used along with a(More)
The lipids of mouse peritoneal macrophages contain high levels (25 mole percent) of esterified arachidonic acid (20:4). Following in vitro exposure to unopsonized zymosan, these cells synthesize and release oxygenated products of 20:4. Maximal levels of zymosan ingestion promote the release of 40-50% of the 20:4 content of cultures without loss of(More)
The ingestion of particles by macrophages leads to the prompt induction of prostaglandin (PG) synthesis. We have now dissected the endocytic process and examined the requirements of prostaglandin E (PGE) synthesis for particle attachment, membrane interiorization, and phagosome-lysosome fusion. Macrophages that were loaded with the polyanion dextran sulfate(More)
In this paper, we study how to implement interactive services when using a DVB-H broadcast channel combined with a point-to-point channel, such as 3G or GPRS. We study the problem in the context of a location based game. We explore design issues and problems related to the scheduling of contents in the game and present an architecture for the game server(More)
Exposure of cultured rat epididymal preadipocytes to human very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) resulted in the rapid accumulation of large amounts of cellular triglyceride which was accompanied by the appearance of numerous large cellular lipid inclusions. Addition of heparin produced a two-fold stimulation of lipoprotein induced triglyceride accumulation.(More)
PURPOSE To use Control Point Analysis (Sun Nuclear Corporation, Melbourne, Florida, USA) to analyze and compare delivered VMAT plans for three different treatment planning complexity levels. METHODS Nineteen patients were chosen and fully anonymized for the purpose of this study. Ten SBRT, six H&N, one breast and two prostate VMAT plans were generated on(More)
In this report, a measurement system for measuring DVB-H signal performance in field conditions is presented. The system gives performance values for both physical layer DVB-T conditions, such as transport stream error rate, but also error rates after applying application layer coding (ALC). The report presents the fundamentals of the used error correction(More)
Tetrahymena pyriformis W cells were grown with short- and long-chain, odd and even normal fatty acid supplements. Tris acetate addition had no effect on the fatty acyl composition of the glycerophospholipids or sphingolipids, while Tris propionate supplementation led to a marked increase in odd normal fatty acids at the expense of even normal acids in both(More)
This paper analyzes the effects of applying application layer Forward Error Correcting (FEC) coding to a wireless filecasting system, here represented by DVB-H. We show the benefit of moving error correcting coding to higher levels in the data transmission protocol stack. The data is delivered using a data carousel and the FEC code utilized is a(More)
On-line CT imaging in the radiotherapy room has become the norm for targeted intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), enabling precise adjustments of the daily patient setup based on soft tissue visualization. Corrections for plasticity of the anatomy and dose deformation are within technological reach but will require more on-line resources. We have(More)